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At Pall, we provide quality products, expert services and customer support.  Our history of excellence in designing and manufacturing filtration, separation, and purification products; providing leading edge technologies and services spans over 60 years.

Our goal is to provide the innovative solutions that will enable you to control and improve the quality of your finished goods.  All of our employees are committed to helping - you - the customer- achieve a consistent, high quality end product.

Quality Assured. Quality Delivered: Our Guiding Principles

  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) - Our approach to product development and manufacturing assures that Quality is built into the product from the earliest stage.  QFD requires a thorough understanding of a product, its process of manufacture, and customer expectations with respect to critical to quality attributes.
  • Process Excellence - By defining, measuring, analyzing and controlling processes, we continually seek ways to improve their effectiveness.  Some of the tools we employ in our Process Excellence approach include Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.  
  • Comprehensive Fluid Management Solutions - Pall Corporation is the largest and most diverse filtration, separation and purification company in the world. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver a range of fluid management capabilities that is unmatched. Our scientists and engineers apply a synergistic, planned cross-functional approach to bringing you the right products, systems and services to solve your most challenging needs.

Pall’s Quality Policy: Our Commitment to Customers

For each of our products and services, we will meet the requirements of our customers in all areas of the world.  We will always ask what can be done better—for our customers, our distributors, our suppliers, our shareholders, our employees, and the general public.  Our personal commitment is to continually advance our processes through measurable improvements.

Quality Systems Overview

Quality must be intrinsic to the manufacturing process.  The majority of our operations are certified to the ISO 9001 standard and our manufacturing sites are certified to Environmental Management Systems such as ISO 14001.  In addition, some of our sites are certified to industry specific standards such as:

- Medical devices, quality management systems, requirements for regulatory
- Quality management system requirements for aviation, space and defense
- Quality management systems. Particular requirements for the application of ISO
  9001 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.
- Quality management systems requirements.

View site specific certifications by region, name/site address and certificate.

  • ASME - American Society for Mechanical Engineers and National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (View site specific certifications)
  • NSF - National Sanitation Foundation (Contact Customer Service for information on NSF certified products)

Quality certification to international and industry specific standards has allowed us to achieve a consistency in our processes, products and services globally. This consistency is the cornerstone to providing you with the high level of quality that you expect regardless of where you may be located.

Product Conformity
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Documents relating to Pall product Quality and Regulatory requirements conformance
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