Gaskleen® Pico1000 Analyzer

The Gaskleen Pico1000 analyzer measures trace moisture in nitrogen and argon process gas streams, with a limit of detection of 300 part per trillion (pptv). The system is ideally suited for qualifying and certifying ultrahigh purity process gases, as well as detecting purifier end-of-life. Its robust, compact design is readily portable, allowing users to easily move it around a facility for quick checks of process gas quality or troubleshooting moisture excursions. The Pico1000 consumes up to 70% less process gas, compared to competitive analyzers.


The analyzer uses a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) to gravimetrically measure the moisture concentration. Sample process gas flows through a mass flow controller to the preconcentrator MEMS where the moisture is trapped with a proprietary coating throughout the sample period. When the sampling is complete the preconcentrator heats in milliseconds vaporizing the collected moisture.

Co-packaged with the preconcentrator is a MEMS resonator vibrating in the MHz frequency range. This resonator is functionalized with another proprietary chemoselective coating to enhance absorption and desorption of the moisture from the preconcentrator. This proprietary design allows the resonator to quickly capture and measure the mass of moisture absorbed on the resonator.

The resonator is vibrating continuously during the measurement cycle. The preconcentrator vaporizes the moisture and the resonator frequency shift (ΔHz) occurs, which is detected and transformed into an electrical signal that is directly proportional to the mass of that moisture.

Sample collection is performed continuously, except during preconcentrator heating and resonator measurement, which only takes a few seconds. The Pico1000 is a near-real-time analyzer with continuous collection and batch measurement.


  • USB data extraction port
  • Novel 21st century MEMS technology
  • 300 pptv Lower Detection Limit
  • Rugged, light weight and versatile design
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Consumes 70% less gas than traditional systems


  • Extract csv data to a USB in seconds
  • Easy “Plug and Play” installation and operation
  • 900 pptv Limit of Quantitation
  • Fast response time
  • Designed for Mobility
  • Purifier prequalification and end of life detection
  • Low cost of ownership
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