Fortebio Protein Analysis Platforms

  • Octet

ForteBio's Octet and BLItz systems provide instruments, biosensors, reagents and assay kits for analyzing biomolecular interactions and concentrations in a variety of sample formats, ranging from 96- and 384-well plates for the Octet family to 4-µL sample volumes on the BLItz. The ForteBio systems utilize proprietary BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) to enable real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions and to provide information on affinity, kinetics and concentration. Their analytical capabilities enable significantly easier, faster and better characterization of drug candidates, providing great value in drug development applications where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance and cost.

Key Benefits

Label-Free, Real-Time Results

Our proprietary BLI detection technology monitors the binding of proteins and other biomolecules to their partners directly in real time. The binding interaction is continuously monitored by measuring the change in thickness of the protein layer on the biosensor tip. The method has no need to label the protein with fluorescent or chromogenic tags, thus eliminating interference issues.

High Throughput, Rapid Analysis

Octet systems perform sample analysis in 96- and 384-well format, processing up to 16 samples in parallel. Protein quantitation can be performed on 96 samples in 20 minutes and on 384 samples in 75 minutes — compared to traditional ELISAs, which can take from 4 hours to overnight. Rapid label-free kinetics, screening and epitope binning assays are enabled by the 8x12 or 16x24 biosensor format. Octet instruments accommodate one or two microplates on deck, depending on the model. Additional features such as the ability to re-rack and reuse biosensors speed up the workflow while reducing cost significantly.

High Quality Data at an Affordable Price

The Octet and BLItz systems provide fully comparable data for label-free protein interaction analysis, yet cost a mere fraction of traditional SPR systems. Reduced sample preparation and smaller samples (80 μL - 120 μL/well in 384-well plates) combined with virtually maintenance-free instrumentation greatly reduce equipment and reagent costs. Disposable biosensors with optional regeneration capability lower assay cost per well even further.

Crude Sample Compatibility

BLI technology allows sensitive detection of biomolecules binding to the biosensor surface while minimizing interference from extraneous materials present in solution. Only molecules that bind to or dissociate from the biosensor surface produce a signal change. Proteins can be assayed in crude mixtures (cell lysates or hybridoma supernatants) or in DMSO (up to 10%), and glycerol, thus drastically reducing sample preparation.

Dedicated Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Our systems are supported by ForteBio's industry-leading data acquisition and analysis software. The data acquisition software contains quantitation, advanced quantitation and kinetics modules with dedicated methods to fully support each application. The data analysis software is highly versatile, specifically including a 2:1 heterogeneous ligand binding model, data tracking, and processing capabilities that assist in high-throughput screening. All Octet software includes optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools.

KINETIC MODE MEASUREMENTS —how specific, fast and tight are the interactions? QUANTITATION MODE MEASUREMENTS —what is the sample concentration?
Measure association rates — ka Human IgG quantitation for antibody titer determination or cell line optimization
Measure dissociation rates — kd Mouse IgG quantitation for discovery
Determine affinity constants — KD Custom quantitation assays for your proteins on Streptavidin biosensors
Simple yes/no binding — epitope binning/mapping High senitivity assays for sub-ng/mL protein quantitation
Relative binding rates — affinity ranking Simple Dip and Read™ direct binding assays in crude media
Off-rate screening Anti-HIS tag biosensor for His-tagged protein quantitation
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