Pall Cleanliness Cabinets

Assured Component Cleanliness Measurement

As fluid systems become more sophisticated and less tolerant to dirt, controlling and measuring cleanliness has become a vital part of the manufacturing process. Every manufactured part potentially carries “built-in” contamination to the system.

“Component Cleanliness is the best insurance to avoid failures”

Pall Cleanliness Cabinets (PCC’s) are self-contained units providing accurate, reliable and repeatable procedures to extract particulate contamination from component surfaces for subsequent analysis.

The PCC enables operators to assess the cleanliness levels of manufactured parts and components in accordance to ISO 18413, ISO 16232 and VDA 19 procedures.

Why Choose the PCC?

Without standard, repeatable cleanliness validation, Manufacturers and Suppliers cannot meet Industrial ISO cleanliness standards
  • Provides a more automated, repeatable process for checking parts cleanliness
  • Rapid to blank value to start test sampling in much less time (up to 50% quicker)
  • Less human errors involved
  • Quicker to spot a quality issue .. less rework
The only cabinets to offer a fully integrated HEPA filtered laminar air flow clean room test environment
  • You can trust the results .. no risk from environmental cross contamination
  • Employees not exposed to harsh chemical or pressurized systems
Excellent, comfortable access to working area with no need for a protective barrier
  • Reduced risk of operator contamination
  • Ease of handling parts
Supplied in standard lab friendly or larger shopfloor sized units
  • A cabinet to fit your available space and size of components

  Choose the PCCS for small components, i.e. bearings, plastic hoses, injectors, gear box components, etc.

  Choose the PCCM for medium size components, i.e. small rods, crankshafts, camshafts , actuators, etc.

Both PCCM and PCCS variants feature an easy to use, colour touch screen user interface.

See the full range of Component Cleanliness Cabinets here:
  • PCCS             Small sized Cleanliness Cabinet
  • PCCM            Medium sized Cleanliness Cabinet
  • PCCL            Large sized Cleanliness Cabinet
  • PCC-FR         Flushing Rig
  • PCC-41KC     Medium sized PCC - Asia supply only

Component Cleanliness Management(CCM)

Pall’s Component Cleanliness Management (CCM) program provides products and services for accurate, reliable, and repeatable component and fluid cleanliness measurement.

The CCM program includes the supply of cleanliness cabinets, cleanliness evaluations, specification development, and customized training, all undertaken in cooperation with our customers to optimize in-plant processes.

For more information about Pall’s Component Cleanliness Management program , please contact us.

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