Versalon™ filters for Mobile Equipment Applications

'New' Differential Pressure Switches
Versalon improves equipment reliability
Pall Corporation understands that the critical challenges facing Mobile Equipment OEMs center on reducing manufacturing costs, warranty claims and the overall cost of manufactured equipment.

The new Versalon™ range of hydraulic and lube oil filters is designed specifically with mobile equipment manufacturers and OEMs in mind.

They offer a high performance, affordable solution when critical fluid cleanliness control is required.

Features the unique 'clip-cap' element-to- filter head locking mechanism ensuring aftermarket parts are original equipment.

  Pall Versalon™ filters provide OEMs and Users with unrivalled equipment protection and increased operating confidence with Pall technology on-board.
  • Captures and secures aftermarket revenue stream
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Fewer field service demands
  Series Operating Pressure Max Flow Service Inst.
High Pressure Filters G210 250 bar (3 625 psi) 50 L/min (13 US gpm) G210 SI
G310 250 bar (3 625 psi) 120 L/min (32 US gpm) G310 SI
G410 420 bar (6 090 psi) 250 L/min (66 US gpm) G410 SI
  Series Operating Pressure Max Flow Service Inst.
Medium Pressure Filters F310 70 bar (1 015 psi) 125 L/min (33 US gpm) F310 SI
F410 70 bar (1 015 psi) 250 L/min (66 US gpm) F410 SI
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