KANEKA KanCapA♦ Affinity Sorbent

High Capacity, Highly NaOH-Resistant Protein A Sorbent, for the Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

KANEKA KanCapA chromatography sorbent is an industry-scalable Protein A affinity sorbent that increases the overall productivity of monoclonal antibody (MAb) processes through provision of high dynamic binding capacity and long service life. KANEKA KanCapA sorbent is ideal for a MAb capture step and may be used in either a single column batch operation or in a continuous process using a multicolumn chromatography system.
  • Proprietary recombinant Protein A (rProtein A) ligand with improved selectivity
  • High binding capacity aligned to current MAb expression levels
  • Mild pH elution to protect MAb aggregation or denaturation
  • Good NaOH stability to prolong service time


KANEKA KanCapA sorbent comprises a rigid cellulose matrix to which the rProtein A ligand is covalently attached to ensure stability over cycles, providing high flow performance at low pressure so is compatible with the process requirements for large scale MAb manufacture.
KANEKA KanCapA sorbent is available in a variety of scouting configurations including ScreenExpert RoboColumns♦ and PRC prepacked columns designed for rapid method optimization or small-scale preparative work. The sorbent is supplied in bulk as a slurry in 20% (v/v) ethanol in several pack sizes ranging from 25 mL to 10 L.

Protein A Ligand

Native Protein A has a high affinity for the Fc region of immunoglobulins, but also exhibits an undesired affinity for the Fab region. In order to disrupt the Fab-Protein A interaction, a low pH is often required that can lead to unwanted MAb aggregation.
The Protein A ligand used in KANEKA KanCapA sorbent has been modified and is a pentamer of the mutated C domain of the native Protein A molecule. The C domain is known to exhibit NaOH resistance and as a consequence, the KANEKA KanCapA sorbent has good NaOH stability, requires mild elution conditions and has no detectable Fab binding. The rProtein A is expressed in bacteria and is free of animal content.

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Schematic Representation of KANEKA's New Protein A Ligand Construction


A regulatory support file is available under a confidential disclosure agreement. The entire production process is free from animal derived components and is certified BSE-TSE-free.

KANEKA KanCapA is a trademark of Kaneka Corporation.
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