Cell Therapy Technology Solutions

Pall's cell therapy technologies and services include powerful manufacturing platforms designed to help you overcome the challenges associated with producing live cells destined for therapeutics, and streamline your pathway to commercialization in these very exciting applications.

Our business philosophy and culture are centered on helping our customers achieve their goals. Together, our combined expertise is advancing the development of cell therapies that will improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Technology Platforms Technical Services
Xpansion® Bioreactor
Controlled growth of adherent cells – ideal for cell therapy
PadReactor Bioreactor
Low shear stress for handling of sensitive cells or for culture of adherent cells, 5 to 1000 L scale
Process Development
Innovative technologies, modern laboratories and experienced scientists to help with your process development
SoloHill Microcarriers
Ready-to-use, high performance microcarriers
Allegro™ Unison hMSCs & Media
Formulated to support large scale expansion and obtain target hMSC numbers in large scale batch cell culture processes
Designed for experienced and novice cell culture scientists
iCELLis Bioreactor
Fixed bed for maximum simplicity and success rate and minimal footprint, for gene therapy or for viral vectors production
Technical Articles
Pall/BPI supplement ‘Enabling Cell Therapy Manufacturing’ highlights Pall's upstream solutions for Cell Therapy manufacturing
Support and Maintenance
Bioreactor systems support and maintenance services, for minimal downtime and optimal performance

Supporting Technologies

FAQ Cell Therapy

Answering some frequently asked questions on cell therapy, regenerative medicine and stem cells


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